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Without lab testing, physicians would be unable to accurately diagnose a patient’s condition or properly understand whether ordered treatment has been successful. Clinical labs fill an important role in the delivery of today’s high quality health care, and we are all grateful for the work they do.

Nevertheless, fraudulent schemes abound, and the federal government has attempted to get on top of it. Government regulators constantly review data reports to uncover red flags that doctors or labs are committing fraud by performing unnecessary tests or offering or receiving illegal kickbacks.

If you have evidence of laboratory fraud, reach out to Stacey Evans Law today. Federal law allows private citizens to bring suit on the government’s behalf and walk away with a portion of the damages obtained.

Types of Fraudulent Schemes

Fraudulent schemes can range from the simple to the complex. However, most fraudulent schemes involve multiple people, including physicians who are in on the scheme. Someone working in a lab might suspect that something fishy is going on but not entirely understand whether fraud is being committed.

Some common fraudulent schemes include:

  • Unnecessary tests. Providing unnecessary medical care is a way to bilk the health care system, including government-run programs like Medicare. A physician will request multiple tests for no apparent reason to obtain reimbursement. Some physicians even require expensive genetic testing where it is unnecessary. Often, labs and physicians work together on these schemes, since a lab would report an unusually large number of tests to government regulators. Patients may or may not be in on the scheme.

  • Kickbacks. It is illegal to offer or receive anything of value in exchange for medical referrals. These kickbacks can take the form of money or gifts. Complex kickback schemes often involve business arrangements where doctors own a stake in the lab, thus directly benefiting by referrals.

Health care fraud results in unnecessary medical care, which drains the treasury and lowers public trust in the system. In fact, total health care fraud in the United States totals more than ten billion dollars.

Laboratory Fraud is Widespread

Clinical labs are hotbeds of fraud because they do not usually receive the same scrutiny from federal regulators as doctors or hospitals.

The coronavirus pandemic has provided ample breeding ground for laboratory fraud. Some doctors have bundled COVID testing with other, more expensive tests which serve no medically useful purpose, but which doctors convince patients they need.

Do You Suspect Lab Fraud? Contact Us

Our law firm has brought False Claims Act suits against medical providers and labs for unnecessary testing and kickbacks. Contact our Atlanta laboratory fraud attorney today to learn more about your legal rights.

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