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Protecting Whistleblowers in Atlanta and Throughout Georgia Statewide

Health care fraud costs the government, and the taxpayers who fund the government, tens of billions of dollars every year. Health care fraud is responsible for higher taxes, higher health insurance premiums, and actual physical harm when people are prescribed unnecessary medications or given unnecessary medical procedures in the name of bilking Medicare and Medicaid to make more money for unscrupulous health care providers.Stacey Evans Law stands with the brave individuals who come forward with evidence of health care fraud in their workplace and choose to do something about it. It’s a courageous decision when you think your job and your livelihood are on the line. Know that you are protected by law against retaliation at work for blowing the whistle on government fraud, and know that Stacey Evans Law is here to protect your rights and help you get financially rewarded for your courage and willingness to step up.

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The Law Firm Georgians Come to With Their Most Complex Legal Matters

Stacey Evans Law is a boutique law firm specializing in the hard, complex cases other firms aren’t willing to touch. We are Georgia’s smart, hardworking law firm that doesn’t shy away from a fight. We have the legal tools and determination to help you win your case no matter the opponent. For help battling health care fraud or other forms of government fraud, or for representation in complex commercial litigation in Atlanta or Georgia statewide, Stacey Evans Law is the law firm to trust.

Georgia Health Care Fraud Attorneys

According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, anywhere from three percent to ten percent of health care spending is spent on fraudulent insurance claims submitted to private insurers, Medicare and Medicaid. With health care expenditures reaching $3.6 trillion, that means between $108 billion and $300 billion is paid out in fraudulent claims. With Medicare being the single largest health care payer in the country, much of that fraud is committed against Medicare.
At Stacey Evans Law we help health care workers and medical office workers blow the whistle on health care fraud in their workplace. If you are involved in billing or accounting at a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home or other facility and become aware of a pattern of submitting false or inflated claims to Medicare or Medicaid, Stacey Evans Law can help you be a whistleblower and receive a significant portion of any recovered government funds as a reward for your willingness to step forward.

Comprehensive Whistleblower Representation

The whistleblower attorneys at Stacey Evans Law go beyond health care fraud and apply their expertise toward helping whistleblowers in other areas of government fraud, including state and federal taxpayer fraud, education fraud, and defense/government contracting fraud. In all areas, Stacey Evans Law will work to protect you from retaliation for blowing the whistle or participating in a government investigation. If you are retaliated against, we’ll bring appropriate civil claims to get you your job back along with compensation for harmful retaliatory treatment.

Representation in Commercial Litigation

The attorneys at Stacey Evans Law are experienced courtroom lawyers who can help you resolve any business or commercial dispute strategically, efficiently, and effectively. Whether negotiating an out-of-court settlement or taking the case to trial, you can count on Stacey Evans Law to help you manage risk, mitigate loss, and ably represent you to resolve your legal matter in your best interest. The firm’s comprehensive commercial litigation practice includes partnership disputes, breach of contract and business torts litigation, conducting internal investigations, and more. Don’t take chances when your business is on the line; call Stacey Evans Law for strategic advice and professional representation.

Toxic Torts Representation

Too often, companies don’t operate with the care they should, allowing hazardous chemical spills or the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Some also negligently or willfully discharge their toxic chemicals into the environment, contaminating the soil we live on, polluting the water we drink, and poisoning the air we breathe. Our firm understands the complex web of laws and regulations companies must adhere to and how to hold them accountable for the harm to health and safety caused by their negligent or illegal toxic emissions.

Atlanta Defamation Lawyer

It can take years of hard work to build a successful reputation, but in today’s connected society a single bad review or venomous tweet can cause irreparable reputational damage. Stacey Evans Law represents individuals and businesses whose reputations have been harmed when others go beyond the bounds of protected speech and publish false, malicious statements in written or verbal form. Defamation is a complex area of law, particularly when the matter involves public figures or matters of public concern. Our firm stands ready to zealously advocate for you and fight for your rights.

Lawyers Who Serve the Public

Stacey Evans Law is proud to practice law in the public interest by helping to root out fraud against the government, dealing with groundwater contamination and toxic torts that harm the environment, and representing people defamed in the media when untruths about them are published in the public realm, whether on Facebook, in the newspaper or on CNN. As a member of the Georgia General Assembly, Stacey Evans recognizes the value of public service and the importance of stepping up to serve the community whenever the opportunity arises.

For help with whistleblower representation, complex commercial litigation, defamation, or toxic tort claims in Atlanta or throughout Georgia statewide, call Stacey Evans Law at 404-850-6750 to discuss your needs and concerns with a team of determined, dedicated, and dogged lawyers ready to stand up and fight for you and fight for what’s right.

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Stacey Evans

Stacey Godfrey Evans practices complex business litigation, including extensive experience with False Claims Act and defamation claims.

She combines her unmatched work ethic with the savvy of a big firm defense attorney and the heart and practical touch of a plaintiff’s attorney.

Stacey is currently a State Representative and proudly represents House District 57, which includes portions of Atlanta. She was elected to serve this district in 2020.

Stacey Evans

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