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Atlanta Business Torts Attorney

In today’s challenging economic climate, businesses must closely monitor their reputations in the public sphere and strive to protect themselves from their competitors. Threats come from all sides, including defamatory comments made about a business to theft of your business trade secrets.

At Stacey Evans Law, we provide legal representation in business torts cases so that you can protect your hard-earned investment. Contact us today to learn more.

What Are Business Torts?

Torts are civil wrongs which injure or damage someone. When they are committed against a business, they are business torts.

Business torts might seem minor, but they can cause serious financial damage. This harm can result in lost business opportunities, reputational damage, or even lead to liquidation. We can assist with any of the following:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty. In some business relationships, one party owes another special treatment, such as duties of loyalty and prudence. Violations of fiduciary duties can cost companies millions of dollars.

  • Commercial disparagement. False claims from a competitor can damage your company’s reputation, whether those comments are made about the quality of your goods or your own behavior.

  • Fraud and conversion. Employees or contractors can steal money and then convert it to their own purposes.

  • Restraint of trade. Contracts cannot unreasonably restrain a party from exercising its rights.

  • Theft of trade secrets. Trade secrets can be worth millions of dollars and include formulas, data, and customer lists. Unfortunately, former employees might sell them or begin using them when they start their own business.

  • Unfair competition. A competitor could engage in unfair competition by using a service mark or trademark which is too close to yours, causing confusion in the marketplace.

  • Whistleblowing and retaliation. Whistleblowers shine a light on illegal behavior within companies, but some businesses retaliate by firing or demoting them. Many laws provide crucial protections to employees who blow the whistle.

These are some of the more common business torts—there are others. Speak with an Atlanta business torts attorney if you have questions.

What Can We Do about Business Torts?

If you suspect you have fallen victim, the first order of business should be to contact an attorney. At Stacey Evans Law, our team swings into action to document the suspicious activity as thoroughly as possible. Without evidence, it is hard to seek justice using the legal system.

We also help clients calculate their monetary damages, which is the primary remedy for any business tort. If an employee embezzled funds, then calculating losses is relatively straightforward. But certain tortious actions can hamper your ability to sign contracts going forward, which requires a sophisticated analysis of lost business opportunities.

In some cases, we might also seek an injunction to immediately halt damaging conduct. This type of equitable remedy is complicated to request, and you would benefit from a lawyer who knows how to make the necessary showing to a judge.

Speak with an Atlanta Business Torts Attorney Today

The sooner we can get started, the more likely we are to obtain a favorable resolution to your business dispute. Call Stacey Evans Law today to schedule a consultation with our law firm.

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