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Atlanta Internal Investigations Lawyer

In today’s world of social media and increased government oversight, any misconduct by an employee or executive could have drastic consequences for a company, including a loss of reputation and an invasive government investigation. It is not unusual to wake up one day to see your company’s name dragged through the mud due to an allegation of criminality, sexual misconduct, or another scandal.

At Stacey Evans Law, our Atlanta internal investigations lawyers help companies find out the truth of what happened and develop proposals for corrective action. We provide confidential investigations which help limit collateral fallout and position your company for success going forward.

Internal Investigation Attorneys Are Necessary

Companies can survive scandals. What they can’t survive is the appearance of not caring when their employees, directors, or managers are accused of misconduct or of breaking the law. This posture can ruin a company’s reputation and trigger valuable employees to flee. Other companies will refuse to continue to do business with you out of fear that their own reputation will be tainted. By launching an internal investigation, you signal to the market that you take all allegations of misconduct seriously.

Businesses also face criminal sanctions for breaking the law. Maintaining internal controls and promoting compliance are key to many prosecutorial decisions about whether to charge a company criminally. These investigations are also necessary for government contractors.

Although companies can launch their own internal investigations without outside counsel like Stacey Evans Law, these might be perceived as biased, especially when senior executives are accused of misconduct. By hiring outside counsel, companies can preserve their reputations and manifest that they are committed to getting at the truth.

Should You Hire an Internal Investigations Attorney?

Large or medium-sized businesses often face many internal complaints regarding harassment or violations of rules and regulations. Not every allegation requires hiring outside counsel if the company can credibly investigate the complaint internally. There are many considerations that go into whether to hire outside counsel, such as:

  • The nature of the allegations and whether they could result in criminal or civil liability for the company.
  • The size of possible civil or regulatory fines and penalties, as well as possible criminal charges.
  • Whether senior employees or management are implicated in the allegations of wrongdoing.
  • Whether allegations could impact the company’s reputation and ability to attract talented employees.
  • A company’s resources to commit to an investigation and whether the company fully understands the relevant law.
  • The nature of the evidence and whether an employee’s rights could be violated while engaging in evidence collection.

If you are a small business, hiring our team could make sense simply because you do not have processes in place to investigate allegations, even those that seem small. Contact our Atlanta internal investigations attorney to find out more.

Internal Investigations Done Right

Internal investigations should be performed with an eye toward confidentiality and compliance with state and federal laws, including constitutional rights. Haphazard investigations can create more problems than they are designed to solve.

Our law firm is committed to property investigating allegations of wrongdoing in a cost-sensitive and confidential manner. Reach out to Stacey Evans Law today to learn more.

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