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Atlanta Home Healthcare Fraud Attorney

Home health programs provide valuable services to those who are housebound. Not only do patients benefit by being able to remain in their homes, but hospitals and nursing homes are also less crowded. Home healthcare has increased in popularity as a sensible method of improving patient quality of life while lessening the burden on government programs.

Unfortunately, rampant fraud undercuts any cost savings. Home healthcare in particular is susceptible to fraudulent claims given the fact that so few people see a patient. If you possess evidence of home healthcare fraud in Atlanta, please contact Stacey Evans Law today. We can help you decide whether to report suspected fraud and/or file a federal lawsuit.

Examples of Fraud in the Home Healthcare Sector

Home health services have exploded in popularity recently. For these services to be covered by Medicare, a doctor must determine that skilled care services are medically necessary and that they will improve or stabilize a patient’s condition. These services can include rehabilitation services or nurse aide visits. To qualify, a patient must be considered “homebound,” meaning it is too difficult or dangerous to move them.

There are some common types of fraud we see in this sector, including:

  • Doctors approve services for those who are not “homebound” based on Medicare’s criteria
  • Doctors approve services that are not medically necessary
  • Medicare is billed for services that are not provided to a patient
  • Patients are provided more expensive services when cheaper alternatives would have been sufficient

Neither doctors nor home healthcare providers are likely to admit to fraud. However, there are red flags we encourage everyone to be aware of. For example, your loved one might never meet with a doctor who certifies that home healthcare is medically necessary. Likewise, a doctor might never visit to see if treatment has improved or stabilized the patient’s condition. These are signs that a doctor is not concerned with a patient’s health but is concerned with billing Medicare for reimbursements.

Kickbacks and Home Healthcare

Kickbacks are another type of fraud which we see in the home healthcare sector. Most home healthcare is provided by private companies. They might reach an agreement with a hospital or nursing home for referrals in exchange for deeply discounted services or even cash payment. For example, a nursing home might accept money for each referral it makes to a provider of rehabilitation services.

These kickbacks are illegal under federal law because they promote the unnecessary use of services. Fighting them is central to reducing waste and abuse of government health programs. Congress has classified these kickbacks as a type of false claims, which opens up any party involved in the scheme to civil liability.

Get Involved—Fight Back Against Fraud and Abuse

At Stacey Evans Law, we represent whistleblowers who know about fraud in the home healthcare sector. In many cases, our clients can file a lawsuit to impose civil penalties on the violators and receive a portion of the proceeds if successful. Federal law also provides protections against retaliation to those who file lawsuits or otherwise fight the fraud.

Contact our firm today to learn more about what steps to take next.

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